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About Us

Rideau Centre | Dream Weaver Boutique | Ottawa

We strive to find and share the most luxurious goods, and create the best gifts. With a focus on local Ontarian products, and Canadian collections, we're big supporters of the #shoplocal movement, and are proud to say that we personally know the people behind many of the brands we carry. As an independently, woman-owned business, we set no limits for ourselves and are dedicated to providing the best service, and the most beautiful gifts...

Founded in Brockville, Ontario in 1993 by the fabulous femme and jazz singer, Lee Anne Frederickson, we now operate two boutiques in the National Capital Region, an online store, and often find ourselves daydreaming about the idea of opening another Christmas pop-up shop yet again this year! (That's how we ended up in Bayshore Shopping Centre in the first place!)

Most people are drawn into our store because of the awesome alternative jazz, folk & classical music they can hear from's different! Then they are struck with the absolutely wonderful smell of our all natural candles, soaps, bath bombs, and find themselves laughing at the hilarious signs and cards.

We'd love to provide gifts for your next event or occasion, or simply have you step inside and fall in love with our boutique.

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